Summer Seminar


Thank you for joining us at Summer Seminar in Victoria, BC. We had record attendance this year and look forward to seeing you again next year in Kelowna from June 18–21, 2017! 

Summer Seminar provides an essential platform for the growth of BC’s International Education sector. BCCIE’s annual conference brings together over 400 participants from our province, across Canada and beyond our borders. The conference attracts senior leaders, researchers, practitioners, student service providers, administrators, government, NGOs, and students to explore these ideas with the aim of strengthening our work and taking steps towards advancing outstanding leadership in the fields that comprise International Education in BC.

In addition to a full range of concurrent sessions, the conference agenda will include:

  • A range of networking opportunities
  • BCCIE International Education Awards Banquet
  • Plenary addresses 
  • Thought Leader Dialogues on special topics
  • First-timers' Social
  • Interactive pre-conference workshops on special topics

Listen our 2016 delegates share their thoughts on the conference in the video below.


To view or download the 2016 Summer Seminar conference presentations, please click here.


Note: Nominations for the 2016 International Education awards have now closed. Thank you for your submissions. 

The annual BCCIE International Education Awards recognize the professionalism, dedication and efforts of an exemplary group of experts and practitioners in the field of International Education in British Columbia. Each year's winners represent a broad range of leaders from all parts of the sector and who represent the best and brightest in our province. Read more about our 2016 award winners or view the press release.

The BCCIE International Education Awards are decided by a peer committee and are awarded in the following categories:

1. International Education Distinguished Leadership Award

This award recognizes the unique and important accomplishments and contributions of an international educator or member of the community who has effected change and leadership in the field of international education in a senior leadership position or in service, who has `led from behind' and whose work will have a lasting impact.

2. Excellence in International Education Marketing Award

This award recognizes excellence and success in support of the education export sector in British Columbia and in the marketing of our world-class education system. Note: For this award, individuals, teams, programs or ideas can be nominated.

3. Rising Star in International Education Award

This award recognizes tomorrow’s leaders, our up-and-coming talent, and the next generation of leaders and practitioners in the field of international education.

4. Outstanding Program in International Education Award

Awarded to an institution, district or program to recognize high quality and highly creative programming in international education.

5. Friend of BCCIE Award (Occasional)

Recognizes the long-term dedication, work and commitment of an individual or individuals who have made significant contributions in support of International Education in British Columbia, and in so doing, made the goals of BCCIE so much more attainable. 

6. International Education Lifetime Achievement Award (Occasional)

This award recognizes the long-term contributions made and the far-reaching impacts realized over a career of commitment to BC’s international education sector.

Criteria for determining the recipients of the awards: 

  • Quality: A demonstration of quality work
  • Creativity: A highly creative approach to International Education program design and/or delivery is evident 
  • Impact: Positive, tangible and sustainable impact on the field of International Education in BC
  • Transferability: Active engagement in the sharing and transferring knowledge, expertise and experience amongst the International Education community
  • All members of the Selection Committee submit their votes and the rankings are based on the Borda System

What do you need to submit a nomination?

Please check back in the Fall for more information on the 2017 nomination process. You will be required to provide your contact information, the nominee's contact information, and at least one reference. There are three key questions you will be required to answer about your nominee: 

  1. What contributions has the nominee or nominated program made to the overall international program at his/her school or district?
  2. What contributions has the nominee or nominated program made to the field of International Education in British Columbia? 
  3. Please comment on any additional attributes (leadership, personal, team) exhibited by the nominee or nominated program you feel the selection committee should consider in making their decision. 
Summer Seminar Questions:
What is Summer Seminar (annual conference) all about?
How were the BCCIE International Education Award winners selected?